Palo Cedro Community Park

Bringing the Community Together thru Parks and Recreation


The Palo Cedro Community Action Team (PCCAT) is organized for the single purpose of developing and operating a community park that will include recreational facilities such as:

• Soccer and baseball fields

• Tennis, basketball and bocce ball courts

• Kiosks containing historical information about the community

• Picnic and barbecue areas

• Walking paths

• Preservation of natural plants, trees and wetlands

The 18.23 acres set aside for the project is owned by the PCCAT.


Our vision is to improve our community by the creation and operation of a community park. The park will improve our community by:

• Providing a community gathering place for picnics, weddings, reunions and parties.

• Providing sporting facilities for team and individual activities for all of our residents.

• Promoting healthy and fun lifestyle opportunities.

• Educating the public about the cultural and natural history of our area.

• Becoming a hub for gatherings and activities for residents of the neighboring towns of Bella Vista, Millville, Oak Run, Whitmore, and Round Mountain that do not have park facilities.

• Contributing to the vitality of our community.

• Developing the park in an as environmentally friendly manner as possible.

• Providing these benefits within our own community. Residents must currently travel as far as 10 to fifteen miles to    find similar public facilities.

Organization Structure

Operating as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, PCCAT is managed by a Board of Directors made up of eleven local volunteer citizens of Palo Cedro and surrounding areas. Their responsibilities are listed in the PCCAT Bylaws. In addition to the board of directors, there are sub-committees to focus on critical areas of the project such as:

• Fundraising- leading the efforts in raising money through various activities such as grant requests, parades, holiday events, etc.

• Advertising, Marketing & Communications- getting the word out through community meetings, print ads, flyers, etc.

• Promoting healthy and fun lifestyle opportunities.

• Park Construction- grading, clearing, drainage, concrete, fencing and Site Plans.


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Local Vendors

The Palo Cedro Park Board is always looking for local vendors to hire to help us out with needs around the park!    We love to keep our business local to support our community.   Read more…

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