P.O. Box 1112 Palo Cedro, California 96073 530-547-2727


Mission Statement and Vision

The mission of the Palo Cedro Community Park is to  improve our community by the creation and operation of a community park.

We envision that the park will improve our community by;

  • Providing a community gathering place for picnics, weddinngs, reunions and parties.
  • Providing sporting facilities for team and individual activities for all our residnets.
  • Promoting opportunities for a healthy and fun lifestlyes.
  • Educating the public about the cultural and natural history of our area.
  • Becoming a hub for gatherings annd activities for residents of the neghboring towns that do not have park facilities.
  • Contributing to the vitality of our communit.y
  • Developing the park in an as environmentally friendly way as possible.
  • Providing these benefits within our community.  Residennts must currently travel   10 to 15 miles to find a similar public facilities.  

    Access and Location

    Our park location wil l have easy to see access and linkkage.  The18.34   acre site is located  on Cedro Lane in the heart of Palo Cedro,.  It is one block east of the junction of Deschutes Road and Old Hwy. 44.



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