P.O. Box 1112 Palo Cedro, California 96073 530-547-2727


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Here is your oppportunity to take part in the creation of a park.

You can  help make a peaceful place where  parents watch the kids play.

You can cheer for your team of little socccer or softball  players.

You can help build the wedding gazebo and community center.

There are so many things to do.  Here are some of the ways you can help:

1)  Become a park supporter by giving to the park..  Join that generouos group of people   who  have contributed to the park.

2)   Talk to your frinds, relatives and neighbors about how  they they can help .

3)  Pledge an annual contribution.

4)”Leave a Legacy” donation.

5)  Put a checkstand change collection box at your business.

6) Send a check.  All donations are tax-deductible.  Funds provide the most flexibility.                       How much would you likle to donate?

______ $10,000  Visionary              ________    $5,000  Benefactor

_______ $1,000 Conservator           _________     $500  Protector

_______$500 Advocate                      _________   $100  Member

______$25  Student                             _________ $25 Senior

     Pledges    $______per year for ____years.

7)  Donations in Kind.  Many, many supplies and pieces of equipment are needed to

build a park.  Contact one of the board members to see how your skills, machinery and

supplies can be used .  Call 547-2727.  We will get back to you.

Contact us by e-mail:  www.pcpark.shasta.com

Please tell us about yourself:

Name _______________________________________________________

Phone (s) /Fax , e-mail____________________________________________

Interests, skills, equipment__________________________________________

Others who are also interested________________________________________


All the board members are very busy working on the park in addition to carrying on with their lives.   Volunteers can help   by making phone calls, opening the park in the morning and closing it in the evening,  helping with events, working on publicizing the park’s needs, researching grants information, performing maintenance on the park..  Contact any board member or call 547-2727.  We will get back to you to .

Buy an engraved brick . It will be inscsribed as you wish with up to 42 letters, numbers and symbols.  Link?


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